Monday, March 7, 2011

Praying for Prince Charming

Last week I made out my new prayer "rolodex" using my 4x6 inch index cards and a small 4x6 inch photo album.  This idea came from a book I am currently reading, "The Mentoring Mom" by Jackie Kendall.  I'm so excited about having my prayer requests at my fingertips to flip through and keep in prayerful thoughts throughout my day.  As I made each of my girls a card of their own, I wrote the things most Christian mothers want for their children: a relationship with God, good friends, good health and so on...then I found myself writing down prayer for their future husbands.  WHOA!  One of them isn't out of diapers yet!

Recently Crazy Horse and Rockstar have been pretending to be adult moms with wonderful husbands who work multiple jobs to buy them fancy clothes and pay for their life in a hotel with maid-service and constant dinners out.  In addition, these wonderful husbands have time to care for their 18 children (YIKES) while they operate an animal clinic and do a handful of other things as well.  These wonderful husbands buy them jewelry and clothes and spend quality time with them.  Talk about some high expectations!  The other night, Preacherman and I were downstairs.  Crazy Horse arrived in a new outfit that "Justin" had bought for her and wanted our opinion.  We looked at her and I asked, "How often do you see your dad buy clothes for me?"  Crazy Horse quickly replied, "Dad doesn't even buy his own clothes!"  The only way to respond to that statement of truth was to break out in hysterical laughter.

The truth is, if my girls find a husband as great as their dad, they will be blessed.  I recently read an article about the lack of boys who grow into men in today's society and I realized that unless we as parents set out to change that trend, the number of good men available to marry my girls (and your girls) will be few.  This past week I have sensed a great need to be in prayer for something that is more than a decade away.  So as I pray for my girls to grow in their knowledge, love and service to God and to live lives of purity, I pray that they will be blessed to find the prince charming of their dreams.


  1. Justin huh? Should I be worried? :)

  2. This is oh so true! I will need to add this to my prayer list as well. Thank you for bringing this to my attention =)