Friday, March 22, 2013

Questions Kids Ask

It is the end of Spring Break and due to illnesses and cold weather here in Kansas, we haven't really accomplished much fun on this Spring Break.  In hopes of making a memory or two, we toted the family to the pool at the YMCA on this cold Friday night.  We had the privilege to bring along Crazy Horse's BFF for our memory making fun.  The night seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary.  The pool was relatively uncrowded and the water was warm - the way this momma likes it.  Preacherman and I divided and conquered most of the night (with the exception of my 15 minutes in hot tub bliss) each taking turns with Little Princess and Rockstar.  Crazy Horse and her BFF were usually at the far end of the pool.  I think we may have already entered the "I'm too cool to be around you" stage.  However, they did come around a time or two. One of those times is what made this evening a blog worthy moment.

Preacherman and I are playing with Little Princess and keeping close eye on Rockstar and her new friends when Crazy Horse and BFF swim over.  Crazy Horse always poses the real serious questions to Preacherman.  I guess she figures he is best suited for those questions.  So what do inquiring minds want to know while swimming at the YMCA?  

Crazy Horse to Preacherman:  "Dad, what is a thong?"

Preacherman and I were a bit shell-shocked at the question, and inquired to the context, as we look into the big eyes of these curious tweens.

I bet you are curious too.

Have you ever read the Water Park Rules that are posted on the wall at the YMCA?  Well apparently tween girls who spend 1 1/2 hours at the far end of the pool laughing, splashing and chatting do read those rules.  One of which states something of this nature:  "Proper swimwear must be worn at all times.  No cut-offs, shorts, thongs, etc."

Preacherman stepped up to the plate and did a stellar job of answering the questions of these inquisitive tweens.  In an effort of completeness we threw in the bonus "sandal" answer too, which we are pretty sure no longer exists and obviously was not the context of the signage. 

Our apologies to the parents of BFF.  Please let us borrow your daughter again in the near future.  Maybe next time we will go to the zoo for another educational experience.