Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 Reading List

1) Clutter Free - Kathi Lipp
2) A Dream to Share - Irene Hannon
3) Her Valentine Hero - Gail Gaymer Martin
4) Small-Town Dad - Jean C Gorden
5) Sweetheart Bride - Lenora Worth
6) One Special Christmas - Irene Hannon
7) Home for the Holidays - Irene Hannon
8) Leaving - Karen Kingsbury
9) Learning - Karen Kingsbury
10) Longing - Karen Kingsbury
11) Loving - Karen Kingsbury
12) Jenna's Cowboy
13) Emily's Chance
14) Megan's Hero
15) Sabotaged - Dani Pettrey
16) Mission: Motherhood - Martha Perry
17) Taken - Dee Henderson

Book Review: Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp

There are a lot of resources available on clutter.  I've skimmed some, read some and left it at that.  Kathi Lipp's book Clutter Free is a well written handbook on clutter, not just to address your current state of clutter, but to address the issues behind WHY you have clutter.  I have found the techniques and insight in this book to be life-changing.  If you are a tub-buying stasher, you may want to avoid this book.  It will challenge your tub buying stashing efforts in a BIG way - i.e. stop buying tubs!  By the time I reached Chapter 6, I thought Kathi Lipp had some sort of secret access to the thought processes of my mind and shopping experiences.  The book is 25 chapters long with three worthwhile appendices.  The first appendix provides you information you need to get started with Kathi's Three-Box, Two-Bag System.  No, you are not going out to buy new tubs for this system!!!  Although I actually found I had some empty ones that work nicely for the process.  I'm an easily distracted individual when I'm cleaning an area.  The three-box, two-bag system helps me to stay focused and in the same location as my clutter I'm attempting to clear.  Appendix 2 helps you address paperwork clutter and Appendix 3 helps you learn to pack for vacation and business trips without more luggage than you can carry, pull, load and check at the airport.  The 25 chapters will help you identify how much your clutter is costing you, why you buy the things you buy, why you keep the things you keep and approaches to get rid of stuff.  I've recommended this book to many friends.  I don't plan on giving up my copy anytime soon.  If you are ready for a life-changing read - order this book today, it may save you from multiple more costly purchases later. Find it today on Amazon.

I received this book for free in exchange for this review.