Saturday, September 25, 2010

Today's Challenge

This weekend I had a wonderful opportunity to hear a message from God from a couple whose love for Him comes from the heart and flows from their mouths.  I was challenged by a message of hospitality.  Cale and I have always enjoyed having people in our home, yet as the years have passed, we have failed to open our home as frequently as we once did.  I've used numerous excuses...time, money, the condition of the house...but are they really anymore than just excuses?  I've always said that I wanted to foster the environment where all the kids want to hang out...I want my children's friends to feel welcomed and loved in our home, always.  I've got a long way to go!  So I've got an idea...a pretty big idea...we are new to our neighborhood and we don't know all our neighbors yet, so why not have them all over at the same time!  You heard me...all of them.  Maybe not inside - but I've got an idea stirring...chili and hot dogs and a lot of fun and fellowship in the driveway and front yard.  It will be a "bring your own chair" event.  I'm excited and ready to go!

When was the last time you invited someone (other than family) over to your house for dinner?

"When you extend hospitality to others, you're not trying to impress people, you're trying to reflect God to them."  ~Max Lucado

I'll keep you updated on our neighborhood get-together...and I can't wait to hear how you will choose to share the love of God with those around you.