Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Frugal Tip for Favorite Jeans

I have a pair of super comfy jeans that I purchased last year.  I noticed they were beginning to get weak around the corners of the back pockets.  I was concerned they might not last until I am ready to retire them or until I shrink out of them so I wanted to be proactive in extending the life of my jeans.  I remember as a child, my mother would occasionally use iron-on patches to patch my dad's overalls; however, I have never been a fan of patches on the outside of clothing (unless they are super cool, multi-colored and fun).  Neither have I been a fan of holes in my jeans.  I am definitely not enthusiastic of exposing the location these jeans were threatening to break open!  I also did not think this area needed additional attention with the super cool, multi-colored, fun style patch. The good news is that by being proactive I was able to use a simple iron-on patch on the inside to help prevent the early retirement of my comfy faves.  All for less than a "new" pair of jeans at my local Goodwill store.

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