Saturday, January 22, 2011

More chicken, please

Yesterday at noon, preacherman and I tried to figure out something to do for a fun family night with the girls.  Lunch time came and went and we still had no solid plans for the evening.  As the afternoon continued, I remembered a book I had titled, 199 Fun Family Activities.  I began perusing the pages looking for something quick, simple and certain to please.  I landed on Chicken Day.  It was supposed to be a whole day of chicken...eggs for breakfast, chicken nuggets for lunch, chicken for dinner.  Since it was already afternoon, it would not be a Chicken Day, but we'd have a Chicken Night!  I began gathering my supplies...a toddler cd with the Chicken Dance tune, a YouTube video of how to do the chicken dance, a long list of chicken jokes and I borrowed the movie, Chicken Little, from a friend.  I cut up the list of jokes into single jokes, folded them and placed them in a tupperware dish.  I placed the jokes, cd and movie in a gift bag, taped it closed and left it on the table with this note attached:  Inside this bag are the contents for tonight's fun family activities!  Absolutely, NO PEEKING!  Here is your ONE clue:  (below was a picture of a cartoon chicken). When preacherman arrived home I told the excited children and somewhat scared preacherman that I needed to leave home and would be back in about 30 minutes, all I needed them to do was set the table and have ice in the glasses.  I left and went to Dollar General to pick up soda and ice cream pops, then to McDonalds for the 50 piece chicken nugget meal with two orders french fries.  I arrived home to the table set and an uncontrollable amount of excitement.

We all sat at the table and ate our McDonald's meal while telling our chicken jokes.  Crazy Horse pulled her first joke out of the bowl and pulled the one and only chicken joke with a horse in it!  Even little Princess had a joke or two to tell.  We laughed and smiled.  When the jokes were read and dinner was done we headed to the living room computer to watch the next surprise, the video of the chicken dance.  Once we had it down and the video was over, we used the toddler cd of the Chicken dance.  It was loads of chicken fun!  Next up was pj time to get ready for our movie.  Once our pjs were on, we had a devotion time where we acted out the story of David and Goliath (the VeggieTale version) because we all know that David was no CHICKEN!  After our exciting devotion we camped out in the living room to watch Chicken Little, followed by ice cream and bedtime.

It was a night like no other and the best McDonald's meal I've ever eaten!


  1. This sounds like lots of fun, and I'm sure the kiddos won't forget it! I was wondering what you were up to when I saw Preacherman's post--afraid of the chicken bag on the table... lol You did good, Mother Hen!!

  2. That is so awesome! I may have to borrow that idea. :)