Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cookies, anyone?

So...the fall season came and went and I never got my chili cook out with my neighbors to become any more than an idea...a good idea...and by no means a fleeting thought.  Unfortunately, I think it will have to wait a little while longer...maybe a spring fling?  

With that said...I did use Christmas as a great excuse to meet my neighbors.  I spent a Saturday baking, baking and baking cookies...some for church and some for our neighbors.  The girls went with me and we delivered the cookies to the houses on our street that we knew had little feet running around.  It was a great way to meet the neighbors and also a great opportunity to let my girls show some neighborly hospitality.  It was a very quick trip up and down the street, door to door.  I'm excited to at least have faces and names (at least the ones I remember) to go along with the houses.  A couple days later, I delivered some bread to our remaining neighbors.  It was a wonderful time and not nearly as quick.  Each house I stopped at cordially invited me in, and with a couple exceptions I felt obliged to do so.  I had some great conversations with some lovely people and am pleased to have such friendly neighbors nearby.

As 2011 dawns...I hope to allow myself to see many new ways and opportunities to impact the world around me in positive, God-honoring ways.

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