Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bible Study Review: Chase by Jennie Allen

I recently reviewed the dvd-based study, Chase, by Jennie Allen.  The study is published by Thomas Nelson and contains an eight session dvd, member's bible study book, leader's guide and discussion cards for use during group discussion times.  In the Chase study, Jennie Allen leads us to explore the question, "What are you chasing?" by looking into the life of David and the defining events in his life.

The dvd contains eight video segments approximately 10 minutes each of bible teaching from Jennie Allen. The segment titles correspond with the study and include:
1) Chase - the introduction
2) Identity
3) Courage
4) Obedience
5) Belief
6) Repentance
7) Surrender
8) Chased Down

The leader's guide provides tips and information for preparation and leading a small group.  Each session is broken down into two parts: the main idea and the main goal.  The main goal section includes homework discussion questions to help foster direction in small group time.

The medium sized, 156 page member book provides focused bible study and projects designed to be completed individually throughout the week.  Each week includes approximately 15 pages of individual study and projects with plenty of "white space" for notes and answers to your study questions.  I did not find this study to be as intensive as previous studies I have completed by authors such as Beth Moore, but the study will provide many opportunities to respond and grow as you read and study the life of David.

My favorite part of the study is possibly the most unique way I've seen the use of discussion questions in a bible study.  The "ask" question cards.  There are approximately 12 question cards and a scripture card for each week.  It is suggested that you distribute the cards for each week and take turns reading the questions and discussing them as a group.  Also included is a scripture card for the week to help bring home the focus of the scriptural truth for the week's study.

This study is designed to be flexible and meet the needs of your specific group.  It can be used for a one-hour study group or expanded to a longer time frame that allows for more in-depth conversation among group members.

I found Jennie Allen to be real and transparent in her own struggles of what she loves in life and those things that often take priority over God, His kingdom and His word.  She uses personal examples of her life, her children and her family's adoption experience throughout the video segments.  I especially liked how she spoke directly to the camera in her video segments to her viewing audience.

I received this study for free from the Booksneeze blogging program in exchange for my honest review of this material.

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  1. Do you need to get the study guide if you have the leader's guide? (does it contain the same study and just additional questions for the leader?) Also, are the discussion cards a key component? Are they additional to the questions in the leader's guide? Just trying to figure out what I need to order for our next study. Thanks!