Thursday, October 13, 2011

Little Princess and the "Pea"...Now Known Hazards of Lip Gloss

Occasionally we start to believe that after 9 years of parenting we are prepared for most circumstances, then something happens that once again teaches us how little we understand the mind of a child.  

Little Princess has a huge fascination and love for lip gloss and chap-stick.  Sometimes her sisters are so kind to share some of their lip gloss with her.  Little Princess has been known to somehow remove the little roller ball from a lip gloss in the past.  This usually results in the the end of that lip gloss.  

Last night after Little Princess was tucked into bed, I was at my computer watching some Cardinal baseball.  Little Princess shows up at the top of the stairs and tells me she has something in her nose.  Being the kind, sensitive, understanding mom that I am, I was a few words away from telling her to go back to bed when I motioned her to come down the stairs and let me have a look. When she gets close to me and I start to look, I realize that she does indeed have something in her nose.  It is a small, round, hard object lodged very neatly and tightly in her right nostril.  I waste no time in calling for Daddy's assistance.  Daddy picks her up and places the ever-so-calm Little Princess onto the kitchen table.  At this point I am about 90 percent certain that one of us is headed to the ER for the removal of this tightly placed object.  Daddy makes his assessment and tells Little Princess to hold still and within seconds the little round ball is rolling around on the kitchen floor at my feet.  Little Princess begins talking about her "lips" again and I immediately understand where this little pea-sized ball came from...I took Little Princess back to bed, kissed her goodnight and disposed of the now empty lip gloss tube.  Three children, nine years of parenting, a new first and hopefully a last.

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